2010 CMOD Symposium

September 27, 2010 Bethesda, Maryland

Lister Hill Center Auditorium at NIH Campus


Welcome - Intro

Atherothrombosis - Dr. Peter Libby, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Biomarkers, Inflammation and CRP - Dr. Paul Ridker, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

HDL and CAD – Overview and UpdateDr. Bryan Brewer, Medstar Research Institute

Atherosclerosis ImagingDr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Montreal Heart Institute

 Imaging Guidelines and Clinical Trial ChallengesDr. Allen Taylor, Washington Hospital Center

HDL and Imaging in New Product Development – Dr. Eric Coleman, FDA

Biomarker for Diabetes - Dr. Michael Brownlee, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Diabetes Guidelines and Clinical Trial Challenges – Dr. Hylton Joffe, FDA

Diabetes Guidelines and Clinical Trial Challenges – Dr. Ilan Irony, FDA

Personalized Medicine for the Future of Healthcare - Dr. Clarissa Desjardins, CEPMED

Can Biomarkers Improve Clinical Trial DesignDr. Douglas Throckmorton, FDA

Health Canada Biomarker Priorities and Initiatives - Dr. Agnes Klein, Health Canada

Predictive Safety Testing Consortium: Renal Biomarker Qualification - Dr. Melanie Blank, FDA

Pharmacoeconomics and Value Assessments of Drugs and Biomarkers - Dr. C. Daniel Mullins, U of Maryland

Use of Biomarkers in Product Development in the Division of Metabolism and EndocrinologyDr. Mary Parks, FDA

NHLBI Initiatives - Dr. Sonia I. Skarlatos, NHLBI


Case Studies :


Heart Failure

Non-invasive imaging


International Initiatives - Dr. Anders Svensson

International Harmonisation - Dr. Pat O'Mahony

End Panel Discussion