10th Annual Cardiovascular Biomarkers Symposium Dublin Castle Dublin, Ireland

May 1-2, 2012



Welcome and Introduction - Don Black, National University of Ireland, Galway/CMOD, USA
Opening Remarks – Patricia Reilly, Member of the Cabinet of Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European
Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Ireland

Session 1 – Unraveling the Natural History of Disease (Co-chairs: Peter Libby and Dolores Cahill)

Redefining the Cardiovascular Patient – Peter Libby, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA

Biomarkers of Plaque Instability and Rupture – Wolfgang Koenig, University of Ulm, Germany

Technology Development and Biomarker Discovery – Dolores Cahill, University College Dublin, Ireland

Innovations from the US National Institutes of Health – Sonia Skarlatos, NIH, NHLBI, USA

Session 2 - Commercial Developmement and Application (Co-chairs: Don Black and Wolfgang Koenig)

Cardiovascular Imaging in Drug Development– J-C Tardif, Montreal Heart Institute, Canada

Proteomics Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease – Koen Kas, University of Ghent, Belgium

Session 2 B: L Biomarkers as Tools for Toxicity Testing

Cardiovascular Biomarker Discovery and Application – Gerard Pasterkamp, UMC, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Immunotherapy of Atherosclerosis – Carina Schmidt, Athera Biotechnologies, Sweden

Biomarkers: Value and Limitations in CV Drug Development – Hubert Pouleur, Pfizer Inc., USA

Translational Research - Karin Wåhlander, AstraZeneca, Sweden

Big Data: A Challenge and an Opportunity for Biomedical Analysis – Chris Howard, IBM, Ireland

European Priorities and Roundtable Discussions (Co-chairs: Pat O’Mahony and Jean-Claude Tardif)

EMA Biomarker Priorities – Spiros Vamvakas, Head of Section, Scientific Advice, European Medicines Agency

Roundtable Discussions – (Including EMA, FDA, and Health Canada Representatives)

Session 4 - The Business of Biomarkers: Translating Biomarkers into the Clinic (Chair: Mark Ferguson)

Part I: Current challenges in biomarker translation and commercialisation
Introduction and welcome - Professor Dolores Cahill, Irish Biomarker Network, Ireland

Keynote: Multinational Industry Perspective - Hanno Langen, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Switzerland

Irish SME Perspective - Cormac Kilty, Argutus Medical, EKF Diagnostics, United Kingdom

Academic Perspective - Thomas Barry, National University of Galway, Ireland

Part II: Future directions for translation and commercialisation of biomarker research
SFI Keynote: Future Technologies for Biomarkers - Pierre Meulien, Genome Canada

Statistical Validation for Translation of Biomarkers - Gloria Crispino, Institute of Technology, Tallaght, Ireland

Pathways to Commercialisation - Diarmuid Cahalane, Open Innovation Partners, Ireland

The Business of Biomarkers – where should we put our efforts?