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Our Mission:  CMOD is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization established in 2006 to advance the science of biomarkers used to identify, monitor and treat cardiovascular and related diseases.

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OUR Goals

The broad goal of the International Partnership for Critical Markers of Disease is to create efficiencies toward improved healthcare. Toward this goal, the Partnership has five main initiatives and objectives:

•    Provide scientifically rigorous and balanced information on established and novel biomarkers and imaging technologies; 

•    Facilitate the cooperative exchange of ideas and information about critical biomarkers among clinical and basic scientists, governmental regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies, healthcare providers, and patient groups; 

•    Identify issues in biomarker identification and offer educational programs which provide access to the most current information on biomarker and related sciences to meet educational needs; 

•    Promote and support collaborative initiatives to advance the identification, validation and application of biomarkers most efficiently; and

•    Inform patient care to promote improvements in public health.